Difference Between Jam And Chutney

Difference Between Jam And Chutney

  1. Jam is a preserved fruit concoction made with the juice and flesh of a fruit, thickened with pectin and possibly sweetened.
  2. They differ in ingredients, texture, and use. Jam is a combination of fruit, sugar, and pectin, and is usually cooked to a pretty smooth consistency (may have bits of fruit but generally not big chunks).
  3. It's used as a spread. 
  4. Jam is Sugary
  5. Jam can be stored for a long period of time.
  1. Chutney usually includes sweet and tart or savory spices, a combination of more different fruits and sometimes vegetables which are chopped, but generally not pureed smooth, and it's used as a condiment next to meats or vegetable dishes.
  2. Chutney usually has ingredients like onions and raisins, while jam is usually fruit and sugar, and sometimes pectin.
  3. Chutney is tangy or savory.
  4. Chutneys are made to be used within minimum 2 to 3 days and maximum 1 week.

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