Charlotte Rousse

Charlotte Rousse

Charlotte Rousse is a colourful traditional pudding, filled with rich pineapple cream. Try this amazing Pudding Recipe. You will Love it.

Recipe Type: Dessert
Cuisine: World
Preperation Time:  20 Hours 
Cooking Time:  30 Mins
Total Time:  50 Mins
Serving: 8-10
1 small can (450 grams) pineapple slices
1/2 packet (out of 100 grams packet) red jelly
1 packet (11 grams) strong gelatine
4 tsp lemon juice
14 to 16 Sponge Fingers
200 gms fresh cream
4 tbsp powdered sugar
Melt the jelly in 1 1/2 teacups of boiling water. Cool, pour into a wet 175 mm. (7") diameter mould (about 100 mm. (4") in height) and put to set in a refrigerator.
Trim the sponge fingers. Keep aside the trimmings.
Arrange the trimmed fingers vertically as a border over the jelly.
Chop the pineapple slices. Keep aside the syrup and add to it 1/2 teacup of water.
Add the gelatine to the syrup and heat on a slow flame until it dissolves.
Add the lemon juice to the gelatine mixture.
Beat the cream with the sugar.
Mix the cream, chopped pineapple and gelatine ina vessel.
Put the vessel containing this mixture in a larger vessel filled with ice-cubes and go on stirring until the mixture gets thicker.
Add the trimmings of the sponge fingers.
Pour this mixture over the jelly and put to set in a refrigerator.
To serve, dip the mould in hot water for a few seconds and unmould on a serving plate. Tie with a red ribbon and serve.

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