How to Plan a house Party?

How to Plan a house Party?
Here, in this article, I will give you few tips about how you can plan for a small gathering at your house. To make your party successful and memorable for everyone, you need to pre plan all the things in a proper way. From decoration to food to sitting arrangements, everything needs to be organised in a proper way, so, that you can manage your guests properly and no hustle is there.
Lets start the Planning of a house party step by step, so that everything is pre planned and under control. Read the points carefully:
1. Make an Invitation List
2. Decide a theme (if u want one).
3. Send Invitations to your guests.
4. Plan the Menu.
5. Line up the list of people, who can help you.
6. Clean all the Crystal and silverware untensils, you will be using at the party.
7. Launder and iron all the Linen required.
8. Prepare a playlist of music you'll be playing at the party.
9. Do a first round of groccery shopping and cooking, of those things that can be frozen.
10. Clean your house thoroughly.
11. Arrange the furniture as you’ll want it for the party, making sure that guests can move easily from one part of your house to another. Designate a coffee table or side table for coffee and dessert, if you’ll be serving them.
12. Tuck away things that will be in the way, precious items that might get broken (or even be taken), and any clutter. Figure out the lighting: Using low-wattage bulbs or candlelight will create the right mood.
13. Make a list of cookware and serving Dishes
14. Stock the Bar. (Plan three bottles of wine for every four people, three to four cocktails per guest for a two- to three-hour cocktail party.)
15. Decorate your House.
16. Remove all the personal items, you dont want the guest to see.
17. Place a box of salt, Wine Away (red wine stain remover), club soda, and a couple of rags in a wicker basket, and store a few in strategic places in case a nasty spill occurs.
18. Specify a place for placing the coats.
19. Finish your grocery shopping.
20. Set the table.
21. Buy and Make flower arrangements.
22. Start your Cooking, and prepare your dishes.
23. Do whatever touch ups are needed.
24. Place chairs.
25. Place the food.
26. Greet you guests as they start arriving.
27. Make this Checklist, and you will definetely have a great party, well organised and a memorable one.
Food is one of the most important thing in a party, that needs to be planned, organised and cooked well, so in my next article I will tell you some points what you need to keep in mind while planning up your Menu.

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